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Alumni Stories

Our alumni leave Simon’s Rock with more than a degree—they leave here with stories. 

Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker

Explore our alumni stories. You’ll hear how Rockers are carrying their passion for ideas and commitment to the common good with them into their lives after Simon’s Rock. You’ll hear how they’re still rethinking conventions, challenging themselves and others to push past preconceptions, and working hard to build a better, smarter, saner world.

The world needs you to ask the questions that we feel too sheepish to ask, the questions to which no one knows the right answer. The world needs you to reconfigure the pieces in a way that’s against the rules. The world needs you because you can recognize the gears that are grinding, which over time others have come to rationalize and accept. The world needs you to see it with fresh eyes.

- Eli Pariser ’96,
Founder of and board president of


Nina Perales

Fighting for Rights in Latino Communities

Nina Perales ’82
Civil Rights Attorney; VP of Litigation, MALDEF


Brooke Skinner Ricketts

Corporate Marketing Leader and Influencer

Brooke Skinner Ricketts ‘97
Chief Marketing Officer,


Alison Bechdel with drawing

Celebrated cartoonist shares her experiences at the Rock

Alison Bechdel ‘77
MacArthur Fellow
John McWhorter

Unraveling the Perplexities of Language

John McWhorter ’81
Linguist, Author, Professor, Commentator, Podcaster
Gwendolyn Hampton VanSant

Diversity and Inclusion Guide a Lifelong Mission

Gwendolyn Hampton VanSant ’87
CEO/Founder, Multicultural BRIDGE


Rodney Christopher

Helping Nonprofits Change the World

Rodney Christopher ’86
Senior Consultant in the Nonprofit Sector


Caroline Mayhew

Pursuing Justice for Native Americans

Caroline Mayhew ’02
Associate Attorney Specializing in Federal Indian Law


Jan Staller

Finding Beauty in the Neglected Frontier

Jan Staller ’70
Award-winning Photographer


Molly de St. André

Designer Emblazons Global Perspectives

Molly de St André ’96
Owner, Moho Designs; Ceramist and Teacher


Alford portrait

Alum Gives ’15 Commencement Address

Henry Alford ’80
Humorist and Journalist


Eva Solberger with camera

Alumni In Film

Profiles of Four Alums 
Hninn watering

Leading the Way for Women in STEM

Phyu Hninn Nyein ’05
Recipient, Women of the Future Awards, South East Asia


Jennifer Fan Interview

Fearlessness and Creativity

Jennifer Fan ’99
Forbes “30 Under 30 Finance List"


Zachary Julius portrait

Challenging Alums to Donate

Zachary Julius ‘85
Chief Executive Officer
Samir Arora speaking at panel

Problem Solver

Samir Arora 02
Investment Specialist

Veronica Chambers

Simon's Rock at 50

Veronica Chambers ’87
Maudi and Sumul Shah

Helping Others with Medical Decisions

Maudie Hampden Shah ’99 and Sumul Shah ’99
Founders of Amino


Robert Dunton, Abraham Chu, Youngro Lee

Empowering Business Owners

Abe Chu ’00, Youngro Lee ’00, and Bob Dunton ’00
Founders of Next Seed


Andrea Barrica '06 and Kalie McGuirl '14

Building technology on the side of humanity

Andrea Barrica 06
Founder of


Joelle with farmers

Amplifying voices

Joelle Chevrier ’08
Translator and Farmer



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